A Hogwarts graduate, he was in Fred and George’s class. He’s shrewd, clever, and knows how to make a plan come together. A Slytherin and proud of it, he’s more than willing to use people to accomplish his goals, but it doesn’t mean he likes it. In fact, he takes quite a bit of pride in doing his own dirty work. Because of this, he considers people like Draco Malfoy, who talk a big game but don’t have the spine to back it up, to be a perversion of the ideals of Slytherin House. As far as Devon is concerned, you don’t flee because you’re a wimp; you flee because it’s tactically efficient. After all, it’s a lot harder to win if you’re dead. He is fairly genial and personable, even charming, but he is a Slytherin. He’d betray you to achieve his ends, but he wouldn’t do so with pleasure, he wouldn’t do it without a very good reason, and he’d never stab you in the back; he’d do you the courtesy and respect of looking into your eyes as the blade went in, and even then, he’d apologize.


Serra is a cute, plucky, and somewhat potty-mouthed American girl. Though not terribly skilled in the art of tact, her candor can be quite refreshing to those who are mired in formalities. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with boys, having never even been on a date, as her father is deeply overprotective and not without his reasons. He lost his wife in the first war with Voldemort, and fled to America to keep Serra safe. His reluctance for Serra to be involved at all in the wizarding world only made her determination to be a part of it stronger.


A third-generation wizard from a modest family, Simon’s actually become a bit of a celebrity. A professional beater for the Pride of Portree, a professional Quidditch team in his native Scotland, he’s got incredible dexterity and strength when it comes to striking things at top speed, making him an ideal decoy who can ward off pursuers at close range. A Ravenclaw, Simon well exemplifies their values, putting an emphasis on intelligence, creativity, wit and wisdom. Simon was uninvolved in the war. He supported it fully but lacked the courage to be involved and is now seeking a chance to do his part.


Despite her tiny frame and small stature, Eustacia packs a lot of punch and kicked some serious arse during the Battle of Hogwarts in the name of Cedric Diggory, her fallen friend and classmate for whom she secretly carried a torch (and still does). Being muggle-born and having suffered much torment by way of Draco Malfoy and his cronies, Eustacia carries one hell of a chip on her shoulder about Slytherins. Devon will be no exception. She wasn’t the best student in many subjects, but is a marvelous flier, a top notch Quidditch player, and always got perfect marks in Defense Against the Dark Arts.


Originally from Texas, Jason is muggle-born and grew up on his parents’ ranch until he was invited to his wizarding school in Sedona, Arizona. He was trained in a style based heavily on the Native American and New Age traditions. Though he’s demonstrated proficiency for magic, particularly potions and herbology, he’s still an old-fashioned, sweet-faced cowboy at his core. He’s very traditional and true of heart. Though his particular school didn’t sort their students into houses, by the Hogwarts model Jason would probably have been a Hufflepuff, cowboy charm notwithstanding.


A New Orleans native, Esme was raised in the French Quarter by her Creole parents and educated at the New Orleans Academy of Voodoo and Southern Magic. She is sly, streetwise, and while she has a very unpredictable morality, once she decides something is right or wrong, she holds fast to that judgment and proceeds accordingly. She shares her name with her mother, a high profile witch in the Southern magical community, and is constantly struggling, sometimes recklessly, to establish an identity of her own. Esme’s mother was Devon’s contact in New Orleans, providing a safe house where he and Serra would regroup while preparing for the final stage of the mission. With her suddenly called away on matters of great importance, she leaves Esme in her place as hostess and accomplice.


Devon’s mother, a Death Eater who sees the Death of Lord Voldemort as an opportunity. With him gone, there is a vacuum of power, and she intends to occupy it. Even worse than those whose hatred for Muggles is wild and irrational, she regards their “inferiority” with a chilling calm, as a simple fact, and looks to their extermination as the logical solution to the problem. Atropa is stern and demanding, and has always been disappointed in Devon for one reason or another, not the least of which being his distaste for her beliefs and politics. With his latest trespass, however, he has crossed a line in her eyes, and she is ready to wash her hands of him. Literally.